Getting Older Is a Risk Factor for Diabetes

Getting Older Is a Risk Factor for Diabetes

Prediabetes Screening Is a Must for Aging Americans

Couple Walking Holding HandsAs people age, the risk for developing prediabetes and diabetes increases.

Prediabetes affects 35% of adults age 20 and older and half of those age 65 and older. Many prediabetics are unaware of their condition until it fully progresses to dangerous type 2 diabetes.

Here’s what’s alarming: After age 45, the risk for diabetes jumps, possibly because people tend to exercise less, lose muscle mass and gain weight during the mid-life years.

When left untreated, prediabetes can develop into full-blown diabetes. In fact, diabetes is becoming more common among older people. According to the latest available data, 14% of people aged 45-64 have diagnosed or undiagnosed diabetes. About 27% of people 65 years and older have diabetes.

The risk for other conditions related to diabetes also rises with advanced age: People with diabetes have a greater chance of suffering a stroke, especially those in the under-65 age group. Heart disease is also a major concern for diabetics. Among people who have diabetes, the risk of heart disease climbs after the age of 40.

Experts recommend that anyone over 45 years old and up should be screened for prediabetes and diabetes. However, people younger than 45 who are overweight or have another risk factor for should also get tested.

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