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The Prediabetes Treatment Program

PreDiabetes Centers personalized treatment handbook

“Empowered: Your Guide to Conquering Prediabetes,” the PreDiabetes Centers personalized treatment eBook.

The PreDiabetes Centers personalized treatment plan can delay or reverse the progression to diabetes in clients who are prepared, focused and compliant with the program. Our aggressive treatment is customized to each individual, taking into account his or her medical history and the unique risk factors that have contributed to the development of prediabetes.

To reverse the diabetes process and improve the overall wellness of clients, our health teams use several treatment methods, including medication, supplements, hormone optimization, personalized fitness and a prediabetes-friendly nutrition plan. The health team will also impart techniques for improving sleep and stress, and offer guidance in boosting other aspects of well-being.

Receive Personal Care from a Physician and Health Coach
The health team is led by a PreDiabetes Centers physician who administers medical care and adjusts treatment, if necessary, throughout the program. Clients receive ongoing guidance and care from a health coach (a registered nurse) who offers education, motivation and nutritional support. The health coach is an invaluable partner in the journey to reverse the progression to diabetes.

At every appointment, clients receive at least 30 minutes of dedicated, one-on-one time with the physician, who creates a personalized treatment plan based on the client’s unique medical background and risk factors. The physician will also treat underlying medical conditions that may be contributing to the development of prediabetes and diabetes.

All appointments include personal, one-on-one time with the health coach.

The physician and health coach will also educate and guide clients in core elements of the program:

Concierge Nutrition

Our clinical team designed a special dietary plan that can help reverse prediabetes. Learn more about Concierge Nutrition.

Personalized Fitness

The health coach works with clients in a customized fitness plan, which can aid in diabetes prevention. Learn more about Personalized Fitness.

Track Your Progress with Regular Biomarker Screening
Regular blood screening enables the physicians and health coaches to monitor a client’s health and customize the program to fit his or her health needs. Clients receive a biomarker report card after each screening so that they are able to track their health throughout the program.

A Digital Handbook to Help Clients Navigate the Program
Each client receives a digital copy of Empowered: Your Guide to Conquering Prediabetes. The eBook is an in-depth, comprehensive resource that details the program’s goals and methods of treatment used by our physicians to treat prediabetes and accompanying conditions related to prediabetes. The book also includes nutrition education, daily and weekly meal plans, grocery lists, more than 120 prediabetes-friendly recipes, exercises, tips for better sleep, techniques for reducing stress, and much more.

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