What Is Prediabetes?

Real Story: ‘I Beat Prediabetes!’

One Woman’s Journey to Stop Diabetes

Juana was like a lot of women: She spent a great deal of time tending to her family and had started to neglect herself. Juana felt fatigued and she worried that was suffering from a serious health condition. She learned she was prediabetic after completing a free blood screening and quickly signed up for the 12-month treatment program. Read her story.

Juana was like a lot of women: At 37, she spent time tending to her family, but she had started to neglect herself. Juana was noticing small changes in her health. She knew something wasn’t right and was especially worried about her high cholesterol and low energy levels.

“I felt tired and flat all the time,” said Juana.

Juana Ruedas

With the guidance of a PreDiabetes Centers physician and health coach, Juana was able to beat prediabetes and regain her good health.

Juana wasn’t sure if diabetes ran in her family. She grew up in a culture that didn’t recognize or encourage prevention of diabetes, so it wasn’t discussed. The condition may have affected her family, though. Her father died of a condition related to high blood pressure, and high blood pressure is closely linked to diabetes.

She was concerned about her short- and long-term health, so she decided to get tested for prediabetes. After she found out she was prediabetic, she wanted answers.

How did this condition develop? Was there any way to treat the condition?

The physician and health coach at PreDiabetes Centers gave Juana what she needed: a clear solution to her health problems.

“The health team was willing to help and guide me and find answers to gain my health back,” said Juana.

During the comprehensive biomarker testing, the health team learned that Juana had an underactive thyroid—a related disorder that sometimes accompanies a prediabetes diagnosis. The team quickly prescribed treatment for Juana’s hormonal imbalance and scheduled her a nutrition consultation to address her nutritional deficiencies.

The health coach helped Juana understand the inner workings of her body and how prediabetes had developed.

A few weeks into the program, Juana started to feel better. Her fatigue—a symptom of both prediabetes and underactive thyroid—was diminished. After completing the first part of the advanced nutrition plan, her energy levels skyrocketed. She had the energy of a 20-year-old, Juana said.

Today, Juana is no longer prediabetic. At her 11-month appointment, Juana’s hemoglobin A1c score clocked in at 5.3—which is within the healthy range and a vast improvement from her original A1c score of 5.7 (indicating a prediabetic state).

She eats a lot of greens (broccoli, lettuce, cauliflower) and has cut back on eating refined sugar. Her diet is packed with nutritious foods, she exercises nearly every day, and all of her biomarker numbers–measures of chemicals in her body–have dramatically improved.

Juana says the hardest part was overcoming old habits and the culture that surrounded her. “Your family is always eating things you need to avoid. But you learn how to make better choices.”

The best part of the program?

According to Juana, it’s the education she’s received.

“My health coach has imparted a lot to me and has helped me understand what my body needs,” she said. “She has made me see what’s better for my health.”

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